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Reliable CFD Meshing! Wikki Brasil is the official distributor of Pointwise® software in Brazil.

Who we are

Wikki Brasil is an engineering consulting company that believes in the scientific development as the basis for problems solution that require changes in technological paradigms, especially in numerical simulation area of fluid flow (CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics).

Our Difference

The complexity of industrial applications has been increasing everyday raising, therefore, the need for adequate and efficient solutions customization in CFD. In this scenarioWikki Brasil promotes the use of open source tools for this purpose.

What do we offer

Wikki Brasil comprises a specialized team in the implementation, support and development of OpenFOAM ® (Open Field Operation And Manipulationfor solving problems in CFD. Besides this, it has also extensive experience in using commercial toolsIn addition,  Wikki Brasil is the official distributor of Pointwise software.