Two researchers from COPPE/UFRJ, who belong to the business partnership of the company, has already envisioned an opportunity of using free softwares to solve problems of industrial nature since 2007. Particularly, the advance and maturity of open source tools for Computational Fluid Dynamics could fill a growing national demand for services and development in CFD.

In 2009, this possibility of  CFD solution was also identified by three professional in CFD consulting . Experts in the use and application of main CFD commercial packages, the three evaluated and proved the applicability of CFD solution using free software in the industry, mainly for customers in the oil & gas and power generation areas.

This union places Wikki Brasil in a privileged position once the presence of researchers from COPPE/UFRJ contributes to building the academic aspect of the company,  in the meanwhile that the others partners ensures technology transfer between academia and industry due to their large market and consultancy experience.

In August 2011, during the NUMAP-FOAM (Numerical Modeling of Coupled Problems in Applied Physics with OpenFOAM ®) event, held in ZagrebWikki Brasil confirmed mutual interest with respect to a partnership with Wikki Ltd., the leading European services provider and developer of the OpenFOAM ®.

Since then, Wikki Brasil has put an effort and emphasis on establishing strategic partnerships, which contributes to the  improvement of products and services offered by the company, so that the customer can rely on the best available quality in the market, with free access to Wikki Brasil team .