Wikki Brasil technical team has more than 10 years of experience in mesh generation for complex geometries and CFD analysis using multiple tools, from open source to commercial ones. It is worth to highlight Pointwise software, of which we are the official distributors in Brazil.

Generated meshes can be tetrahedral (containing layer of prisms for capturing the boundary layer), hexahedral or hybrids. The choice of element types used is function of the geometry complexity that one may want represent associated to the accurate level that one may get from the results. Wikki Brasil believes that using high quality hexahedral meshes can minimizing intrinsic errors from modelling and reduce the quantity of the elements, resulting, therefore, in more efficient simulation processes.

In case of optimization and/or parametric analysis that involves a generation of high number configurations, Wikki Brasil team makes available its experience in scripts creation that automates this process according to your specific needs. For more details, please get in contact with us.