Consultancy in OpenFOAM®

Our services, our priority.

In our consulting projects, we always value:

    1. High quality mesh generation.
    2. Choice of the most appropriate model for the problem.
    3. The most accurate and efficient solution for the simulation, using proper numerical methods.
    4. Monitoring and clear presentation of the results.
    5. Simple documentation, but not simplified, of the project.

What to expect from our consulting:

Delivery of desired solutions in a efficient and accurate way. Precisely, solutions that enable:

An optimization of your operations;

A reduction of your processes costs;

An increase in the competitiveness of your products.

Trough OpenFOAM®, we are able to:


Develop new models and numerical methods;

Incorporate models and  numerical methods;

 Learn more about OpenFOAM in this link.

We can work in different areas, such as:

Oil and Gas;

Energy and Power Generation;





Ansys CFX®/Fluent®

Wikki Brasil team has experience in using CFD softwares of Ansys Inc®,  Ansys CFX® and Ansys Fluent®. Particularly,  we have knowledge in structured programming languages (C and  FORTRAN), which allow us to provide customized CFD services using these softwares through the languages, respectively:

    1. CEL and User Fortran (Ansys CFX®);
    2. User Defined Functions (UDFs of Ansys Fluent®).

Therefore, Wikki Brasil can also work in consulting and development projects using these two softwares of Ansys Inc®.

For more information, contact us.