Reason 1. Reduction of time and the necessary investment for your product development.

No license costs.

Unlike commercial software, the license cost is zero for both personal machines as well as clusters.

Work Flexibility.

There is no need of engineers and/or students to share licenses in the same machine.

Reduction in production costs.

Reduction of the amount of experimental prototypes, due to error correction studies and optimizations via CFD.

Reason 2. Guarantee of a final product according to your needs.


Commercial softwares do not allow any customization in accordance with the customer’s needs.

Guarantee of innovation.

Commercial softwares are designed for being generic; customers  with an innovative production chain will not have an adequate software for their specifics needs.

Guarantee of competitiveness.

The new versions of  Commercial softwares meet the general needs of the market, which are not necessarily those demanded by the customer.

                                                                     Commercial softwares: black box                      OpenFOAM®: 100% customizable

Reason 3. There is no need for paying for the whole software package if you only need to use a little part of it.

End of unnecessary costs.

Hiring the service packages of Wikki Brasil, you only pay once for the services to get your product and then you are free to use OpenFOAM® the way you want, with the computing power you want.